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Exceptional poles are the result of exceptional quality assurance. NationWide's quality assurance program begins in the forest and continues throughout each step of the manufacturing process. At NationWide, quality is everyone's responsibility! NationWide's customers can be assured that our poles meet their specifications through our auditable and computerized quality assurance records.

Exceptional poles are born from exceptional timber. Only the finest timber is accepted at NationWide's Mills. The timber is then milled, conditioned, framed and treated in accordance with customer's specifications and the requisite ANSI, ASTM, AWPA, RUS (REA) Standards. All timber, including unpeeled "Barkies" and peeled "Whitewood" are inspected for mechanical damage, as well as knots, splits, checks, sweep, sap-stain, mold and rot, in accordance with ANSI, ASTM, RUS (REA) and customer specifications. Whitewood is tested to ensure adequate conditioning and appropriate moisture content. Any piece of timber or whitewood that does meet the requisite standards or specifications is "culled" from production.

Exceptional poles are also the result of exceptional technology. Experienced in the traditional art of wood preservation, NationWide has embraced and invested in the latest scientific and technological advances. NationWide's poles are conditioned and treated in state-of-the-art cumputerized manufacturing facilities that consistently produce the highest quality poles.

Exceptional poles are also born from exceptional preservatives. NationWide's poles are treated with the highest quality preservatives which meet AWPA specifications. Preservatives and treating solutions are analyzed and adjusted regularly to ensure effective preservation.

Exceptional poles are the result of exceptional inspection. Nationwide's poles are inspected after treatment for penetration and retentions in accordance with AWPA standards. In fact, Nationwide's poles are inspected above and beyond the AWPA standards as each treated pole is bored and inspected for penetration.

While we all know that the service-life of a utility pole may vary due to factors such as climate, location, and specified retention, Nationwide provides it's customers with a choice of WQC program or independent inspection to ensure that Nationwide's poles meet each customer's specifications. All leading independent inspection agencies, such as A.W. Williams, Timber Products Inspection, American Timber Inspection, Lee Inspection, Southwest Timber Laboratories Inspection are welcomed and on-site.

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